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Picture this, as Golden Girls’ Sophia Petrillo used to say. Alamance County. May 2010. A Latina driver is stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. She provides her valid North Carolina driver’s license … more
Back in 2017, I had just started working in the finance industry when then-President Donald Trump bushwhacked his way through a largely hostile Congress to push his landmark achievement — the Tax … more
I grew up learning that history is the indispensable subject. To paraphrase philosophers Edmund Burke and George Santayana, knowing history enables modern communities to avoid past mistakes. I am now … more
As a Black conservative Republican, Mark Robinson isn’t North Carolina’s traditional Lieutenant Governor. But he’s squarely in the tradition of Lieutenant Governors bedeviling Governors. One … more
Although the main principles of economics were established decades ago, the discipline is constantly evolving. One of the most recent contributions has been a new field called “behavioral … more
My wife and I are both pastors. Our three young children put up a stink when it is time to say grace before meals. Picture the five of us around the table, our food before us. Either she or I will … more
To the Editor: Beginning with Cain killing Abel men have always been in danger from other men and needed a way to protect themselves. There is danger from those who envy the possessions of others … more
My mama would be 103 years old if she were still with me. Her birthday was this week — Tuesday, April 6, to be exact — but she wasn’t around to celebrate it with us. I thought about her, … more
Fragments of your old life can look much different when you’ve put a few decades in the rear-view mirror. Most of us have been back “home” enough to know that things in our pasts appear … more
After almost a week lodged in muck and obstructing the entire Suez Canal, the Ever Given — a gargantuan Japanese container ship — finally made berth on Monday, permitting resumption of traffic … more
My prayer and hopes for this Easter season are that the body of Christ would manifest the love of God in unity and oneness by praying for America. more
I am a Christian pastor and a believer in the Resurrection. I capitalize “Resurrection” in reference to the faith of the church that a man named Jesus was raised from the dead. For this … more
April Fools’ Day is upon us, and, as such, it doesn’t rank all that high on the calendar of holidays. As a matter of fact, some calendars don’t even note it. Others, like the one in my head, … more
The best way to see the promise of spring is to take a drive in the country. Viewed close up, the darling buds of spring are almost indiscernible, but through the windshield of my car I see trees … more
Isn’t it nice working from home? Less time on the road and more time in your derrière debossed La-Z-Boy. Well, don’t get too comfy. The office beckons. It’s true, major companies … more
Without addressing the root of said disparities, education advocates warn a return to school could just return learning gaps to their previous rates — leaving marginalized groups of students behind, again. more
Before 2 a.m. on the morning of November 19, 2020, Lewis Thomas Riggsbee was found lying in a ditch alongside Jack Bennett Road. This lifelong Chatham County resident had suffered a terrible head … more
There was a story in a Sunday paper not so long ago that hurt my heart. Seems, according to that piece, a bit of America is on the way out. It also went on to say that the movement had been going … more
To the Editor: Two recent promotional articles about Chatham Park contained some significant misleading or inaccurate statements. There’s no evidence that “administrative roadblocks” by … more
To the Editor: In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, between 2007 and 2019, there were a total of about 155 reported bicycle accidents. As North Carolinians, we should value safety and the … more
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