About the CN+R

First and foremost: we’re committed to Chatham County. We believe local media ownership is a vital tool for citizens to inform them about the place they live and work — particularly in a place changing and evolving as quickly as Chatham and its municipalities. We believe it’s critical that citizens have a local news source providing accurate, timely and compelling information. A news source which is part of the fabric of the community.

We are part of this community. The Chatham News + Record reaches back through the decades and the name honors the legacy of The Chatham Record, dating back to 1878, and The Chatham News, founded in 1924. We’re glad to be stewarding the newspaper not only to bring you news and information through our media company, but to assist in supporting innovative education and to work toward expanding economic development for all current and future Chatham County citizens.

We believe engaging and accurate news has never mattered more. Our mission is to serve the needs of the County as a whole, holding in high regard the quality of life here and a shared responsibility for our future.

— Chatham Media Group (Kirk Bradley, Chris Ehrenfeld, Bill Horner III) and the CN+R Staff