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Back in 2017, I had just started working in the finance industry when then-President Donald Trump bushwhacked his way through a largely hostile Congress to push his landmark achievement — the Tax … more
My wife and I are both pastors. Our three young children put up a stink when it is time to say grace before meals. Picture the five of us around the table, our food before us. Either she or I will … more
Fragments of your old life can look much different when you’ve put a few decades in the rear-view mirror. Most of us have been back “home” enough to know that things in our pasts appear … more
After almost a week lodged in muck and obstructing the entire Suez Canal, the Ever Given — a gargantuan Japanese container ship — finally made berth on Monday, permitting resumption of traffic … more
My prayer and hopes for this Easter season are that the body of Christ would manifest the love of God in unity and oneness by praying for America. more
The best way to see the promise of spring is to take a drive in the country. Viewed close up, the darling buds of spring are almost indiscernible, but through the windshield of my car I see trees … more
Isn’t it nice working from home? Less time on the road and more time in your derrière debossed La-Z-Boy. Well, don’t get too comfy. The office beckons. It’s true, major companies … more
Without addressing the root of said disparities, education advocates warn a return to school could just return learning gaps to their previous rates — leaving marginalized groups of students behind, again. more
Before 2 a.m. on the morning of November 19, 2020, Lewis Thomas Riggsbee was found lying in a ditch alongside Jack Bennett Road. This lifelong Chatham County resident had suffered a terrible head … more
There was a story in a Sunday paper not so long ago that hurt my heart. Seems, according to that piece, a bit of America is on the way out. It also went on to say that the movement had been going … more
To the Editor: I was very disappointed in your two-part article on Chatham Park. It is a public relations piece masquerading as a news article Mr. Rawl and Mr. Smith are at some pains to … more
When the pandemic began one year ago, I started eating a handful of M&M’s every day after lunch. I’ve never had much of a craving for desserts, but now I look forward to this daily taste of … more
After some consternation, much deliberation and delayed adjudication, they’re finally here: stimulus checks 3.0. They’re bigger than ever at $1,400 a pop, but fewer Americans will qualify than … more
When I think back on the last 12 months of the pandemic, I grow concerned with our ability to navigate nuance. That might seem like a trivial concern compared to the many systemic problems facing us, … more
It’s Sunshine Week across America, a time when the public’s right to see government records and attend government meetings — in order to hold government officials accountable to the people who … more
To me the winter we’re passing through, and soon to be out of, has been a little on the cold side here and there. To be sure, we haven’t done our imitation of life at the South Pole, but when … more
It was 209 years ago this month that “gerrymandering” was coined, and our nation has paid the price ever since. In 1812, Massachusetts Gov. Elbridge Gerry soiled his reputation by approving a … more
Some people call her Queen Elizabeth. But she’s Betty Wilson, and she is the closest thing to royalty in Pittsboro. Betty reigns over a spectacular family of six with grandchildren galore. As we … more
It’s been a tough year for most businesses. But some, such as Fuquay-Varina-based Fidelity Bank, have thrived — so much so that it’s planning to open a new location in Pittsboro. Fidelity … more
Last week, members of the clergy were authorized to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as part of “Group 3 Frontline Essential Workers.” With a spring in my step, I entered the UNC-Chapel Hill Friday … more
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