Update on splashpad closure: no timeline for reopening


PITTSBORO — The splash pad located at Knight Farm Community Park is still down, town officials confirmed to the Chatham News & Record on Tuesday, Aug. 1. 

“The town understands how much this space means to our community, especially during the hot summer months, and we share your disappointment,” officials said on the town’s social media pages. 

Town Manager Jonathan Franklin said at the most recent town commissioners’ meeting the primary issue is the splash pad pumps are not staying primed. 

“We believe air is getting into the supply lines,” he said.  

In an update, public information officer Colby Sawyer told the News & Record, “The splash pad is still down. We have a crew coming in today to do further analysis and try to find the issue.” 

Sawyer said that Tuesday was the first day a crew was able to come survey the splash pad and determine how to fix the problem. 
“We apologize for the closure, but we want to make sure that the system is operating properly, in the interest of the safety of our users and visitors,” Sawyer added. 

Pittsboro Parks and Recreation said the community would be updated as the issues are resolved to allow the splash pad to reopen.