Pittsboro seeks exemption on satellite annexation

The request would allow for more local control over development


PITTSBORO — The Town of Pittsboro has requested that the North Carolina General Assembly pass legislation to include the town among the more than 100 cities and towns statewide exempt from the cap on satellite annexation. Nearby towns such as Siler City, Goldston and Sanford are already on this list.

The request, a legislative priority for Pittsboro this year, is driven by a desire for more local control over growth and economic development. Town leaders say Pittsboro’s unique characteristics require access to all available tools to manage development effectively in accordance with community goals and the comprehensive land use plan.

“Our request for the satellite annexation cap waiver will give the Town another way to provide water and municipal services to new areas outside the existing town limits,” said a statement issued by a Pittsboro spokesman. “Providing municipal utilities and services allows for increased development density, which discourages endless sprawl and encourages more affordable housing options while supporting environmental preservation.”

Annexations are voluntary, and only properties whose owners understand the implications and have made a valid request can be satellite annexed. These properties must be within three miles of Pittsboro’s primary corporate limits and require Board of Commissioners approval. Satellite annexations do not automatically extend the town’s extra-territorial jurisdiction.

Pittsboro officials believe local community members and the local government are best suited to make planning and land use decisions. The requested waiver will provide an additional means to extend water and municipal services beyond current town limits, encouraging increased development density, preventing urban sprawl, promoting affordable housing, and supporting environmental conservation.