Pittsboro skate park moves forward, water utility gets new name

Combined Pittsboro and Sanford utility will be TriRiver Water


Pittsboro could be getting a new skate park and the local utility company is being rebranded to TriRiver Water, and both were the main topics of discussion at the Pittsboro Board of Commissioners' March 11th meeting.

With Sanford and Pittsboro combining water systems, a new name was needed. According to a city memo, Carrboro Creative was hired to “create an inclusionary brand for the new utility.” The result is TriRiver Water.

Named after the location where the Haw, Deep and Cape Rivers converge in the Cape Fear Basin, the branding aims to evoke a “Good Neighbor” archetype, characterized by relatability, commonality, and desire for connection.

The new branding will be rolled out in the near future.

Then discussion moved to the skate park. “We are talking with a nonprofit right now about budgeting, site design, and site location,” Parks & Recreation Director Katy Keller told the board. The proposed new skate park would be near McClenahan Street Park.

“I think you'll find this board is behind you 100 percent,” said Commissioner Jay Farrell. Other board members were equally supportive.

“I didn’t grow up skating, but I hung out with skaters in high school and a little bit at college. I view skating as a different form of mobility. It's a way to get around,” said Commissioner John Bonitz.

He noted that the location of the park is of particular benefit. “You don’t have to get in the car to go there,” Bonitz said. “It's for that reason I think theres such a strong public good for it to be there.”

Mayor Kyle Shipp motioned that the Pittsboro Skate Park non-profit “come to an agreement with the town about the project scope, size and cost and the necessary parameters to complete the project.”

The motion passed unanimously, with a plan for the town to match 15 percent of funds raised up to $300,000. The project now goes to city staff who will prepare a more detailed report.