Chatham Sheriff’s Office names Marcum as ‘exemplary’ employee


Detention Transportation Supervisor Staff Sgt. Chris Marcum has been named as the August (non-sworn) Exemplary Officer by The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. 

Marcum plays a crucial part in the Chatham County Detention Center’s day-to-day functions, using his knowledge and expertise in running an efficient and safe operation. 

“His commitment to excellence extends beyond his duties at the Detention Center,” the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office said of Marcum in a statement. “He recently joined the Sheriff’s Office’s Honor Guard, and he has actively participated in training exercises with the volunteer drone and boat teams, demonstrating his eagerness and willingness to contribute to a wider set of duties within the Sheriff’s Office.” 

The exemplary employee commendation is presented by Sheriff Mike Roberson each month to individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance, extraordinary dedication and service, team spirit, positive attitude, problem-solving skills and/or outstanding leadership. 

Marcum, like all that receive the honor, was presented with a gold badge that is worn by the recipient throughout the month.