Suspect Charged with Identity Theft After Slip Up at Register


In Oct. 2022, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office received a report of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle near Rocky River Rd., Sanford. The victim was hiking in the area and returned to find their vehicle window shattered and items missing from inside.

The suspect in the case later used one of the victim’s stolen credit cards to purchase gift cards and other items but inadvertently provided her real name during one of the transactions. 

This clue, coupled with additional evidence, led investigators to Serenity Ivery, 27, of 4205 Thistle Drive, Apt. B, Wilson. Ivery is now charged with felony breaking and entering a motor vehicle, four counts of felony financial card theft, eight counts of felony obtaining property by false pretense, two counts of felony identity theft, misdemeanor damage to personal property and misdemeanor larceny.

Ivery is due to appear in Chatham County District Court in Pittsboro on Jan. 30, 2023.

Serenity Ivery, Wilson, Sanford, Chatham County Sheriff's Office