Some real common sense on AR-15s, guns


To the Editor:

For those commenting on guns and mass shootings, if you think that many of these shootings would have occurred without the courage an AR-15 with 50-round clips provides, I feel you are wrong. 

Those that believe only the availability of a shotgun, pistol, or .22 gun of any kind would have created the same terrible result, I want some of what you are smoking. The last shooter listed in his manifesto he wanted to show everyone how simple it was to get an assault rifle and all the ammunition you needed, in order to kill as many as possible. Is a waiting period, background check, small magazines or the age of 21 going to cut off your NRA check? 

Have some common sense and understand that the Second Amendment was written for protection and possible feeding of a person’s family. If you feel we are going to be invaded, have at it. Otherwise please use the rational that hopefully God gives to all of us. We can control an inanimate object like a gun but rarely, if ever, a human being. 

Richard Whitfield