Fourth annual Chatham County Challenge announced


PITTSBORO October will again be designated as a month for local residents to take part in distance exercises as part of an ongoing campaign by the Chatham County Parks and Recreation.  

The fourth annual Chatham County Challenge, a virtual walk, run, or bike challenge, will take place from October 1-31. The event invites participants to embrace the challenge of covering significant distances through their preferred mode of exercise. According to a release from the county, bikers are encouraged to complete a 100k (62 miles) journey, while runners and walkers are tasked with achieving a 50k (31 miles) target. There is no cost to participate.  

Much like the previous year's competition, participants will be required to track their miles using a free mobile app, Map My Fitness. Enrollment through Chatham County Parks and Recreation's registration website must be completed by September 29 to participate. Every individual successfully completing the challenge will receive a t-shirt from the parks and recreation department. 

In addition to this year's event, aligned with the theme of the Year of the Trail, participants are encouraged to explore various trails and greenways within Chatham County. To incentivize this exploration, those who visit at least 10 different trails in Chatham County throughout the challenge duration will be entered to win a gift card from New Horizon’s West in Pittsboro. Participants have the flexibility to visit the trails and greenways suggested by Parks and Recreation or nominate their personal favorites. 

To kickstart the Challenge, the parks and recreation department will host an event on Sunday, October 1, at 2 pm. The gathering will take place at Northeast District Park, where participants will collectively embark on a one-mile walk. Attendees will receive a complimentary "North Carolina Year of the Trail" sticker. 

"What started as a way to keep people connected during the pandemic has turned into one of our most loved programs,” said Tracy Burnett, Director of Chatham County Parks and Recreation. “We are excited to continue to host this challenge and give community members an opportunity to stay active, visit new trails, and bring out their competitive side.”