Chess Club meets at the public library every Saturday


PITTSBORO — The Chess Club, hosted by The Chatham County Library, met this past Saturday afternoon. 

The Chatham News & Record stopped by to speak with and watch some of its regular members.  

Eleven-year-old Even Bowen looks forward to the weekly gathering and couldn’t wait to get back from his two-week summer vacation to play his favorite game.  

He’s only been playing for less than a year, but Evan’s mom said he really enjoys the game. 

“He’s a very good chess player,” said Evan’s mom, Joni Bowen, “He really loves it, and the people that play here are very tough, and he enjoys the tough competition because it only helps make him a better chess player.”  

She said he got the love of chess from his grandfather, who first introduced him to the game. 

Gary Merril, Pierre Wertheimer, and Nihar Deshmukh, also show up most Saturdays, looking for a challenge, playing the game for enjoyment, and encouraging others to come out on Saturdays, regardless of skill level. 

The Chess Club, hosted by The Chatham County Public Library, meets every Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.