Chatham deputy makes unusual rescue

Quick thinking leads to safe escape for stranded deer


In a scenario more akin to a wildlife adventure than a routine call, Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Deputy John Lacy faced an unusual challenge on the evening of November 17, according to a release from the CCSO. Responding to a call around 8:30 p.m. at a Bear Creek residence, Lacy encountered a predicament rarely seen in his line of work: two deer trapped in an above-ground swimming pool.

Describing the event as a novel experience, Deputy Lacy, who has been with the Sheriff’s Office’s Animal Resource Center since January, displayed remarkable ingenuity and determination in addressing the situation. The pool, with a depth of about six feet, presented a significant hurdle for the deer and for the deputy tasked with their rescue.

Upon assessing the scene, Deputy Lacy promptly devised a strategy. He positioned an aluminum ladder in the pool, with one end resting on the pool’s edge, creating an improvised staircase. Demonstrating an astute understanding of his unusual surroundings, the buck was the first to seize the opportunity, using the ladder to extricate himself from the pool and swiftly disappearing into the woods.

The doe's rescue, however, required additional effort. Lacy, undaunted, fetched a lasso from his vehicle. With a blend of skill and patience, he safely lassoed the doe, guiding her to the pool's edge and eventually out of the water. After spending a few moments recovering from the ordeal, the doe, too, found her way back to the forest.

This incident not only highlights the diverse and unpredictable nature of law enforcement and animal control duties but also underscores the adaptability and commitment of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office in handling unique and unexpected situations.

Reflecting on the experience, Deputy Lacy humorously noted the varied and often surprising aspects of his job, marking this incident as one of his more extraordinary calls.