Chatham County’s winter sports all-conference honors

Numerous Chatham County athletes and coaches earn postseason recognition.


Following a successful winter sports season in Chatham County that saw 10 state title victories and multiple deep playoff runs, many of the county’s athletes and coaches earned postseason honors.

Here’s the list of Chatham County athletes and coaches that earned all-conference honors in their respective conferences:

Mid-Carolina 1A/2A

Boys’ Basketball

Player of the Year: Drake Powell (Northwood)

Coach of the Year: Robert Burke (Chatham Central)

First Team

Drake Powell (Northwood)

Fred Whitaker (Northwood)

Cam Fowler (Northwood)

Nate Emerson (Seaforth)

Reid Albright (Chatham Central)

Jacob Gilliland (Chatham Central)

Brennen Oldham (Jordan-Matthews)

Second Team

Devonte Johnson (Chatham Central)

Luke Gaines (Chatham Central)

Kooper Jones (Seaforth)

Noah Lewis (Seaforth)

Beau Harvey (Northwood)

Jake Leighton (Northwood)

Kelton Fuquay (Jordan-Matthews)

Neil Wiley (Jordan-Matthews)

Girls’ Basketball

Player of the Year: Gabby White (Seaforth)

Coaches of the Year: Charles Byrd (Seaforth) and Kerri Snipes (Northwood)

First Team

Gabby White (Seaforth)

Peyton Collins (Seaforth)

Katie Leonard (Seaforth)

Hannah Ajayi (Seaforth)

Skylar Adams (Northwood)

Natalia Whitaker (Northwood)

Lia Carter (Jordan-Matthews)

Karaleigh Dodson (Chatham Central)

Second Team

Reagan Smith (Jordan-Matthews)

Jada Scott (Jordan-Matthews)

Katherine Gaines (Chatham Central)

Lauren Caviness (Chatham Central)

Mia Moore (Seaforth)

Neah Henry (Northwood)

Alyia Roberts (Northwood)


Wrestler of the Year: Layne Armstrong (Seaforth)

Coach of the Year: Ryan Armstrong (Seaforth)

Gabe Rogers (Seaforth)

Caden Brewer (Seaforth)

Alex Hinchman (Seaforth)

Judge Lloyd (Seaforth)

Harrison Compton (Seaforth)

Palmer Moad (Seaforth)

Jordan Miller (Seaforth)

Josh Miller (Seaforth)

Layne Armstrong (Seaforth)

Ethan Kuball (Seaforth)

Cody Mattox (Seaforth)

William Bass (Seaforth)

Keira Rosenmarkle (Seaforth)

Jakari Blue (Jordan-Matthews)

Gavin Vanderford (Chatham Central)

Aidan Holton (Chatham Central)

Sunday Oo (Northwood)

Cole Shambley (Northwood)

Coltrane Northington (Northwood)

Elijah Farrow (Northwood)

Boys’ Swimming

Swimmer of the Year: Jesse Eskelund (Chatham Central)

Coach of the Year: Amanda Peele (Seaforth)

Jackson Vaughn (Seaforth)

Benjamin Lajoie (Seaforth)

Evan Hepburn (Seaforth)

Colton Roberts (Seaforth)

Ken Gatimu (Seaforth)

Mikel Kokas (Seaforth)

Morgan Turner (Northwood)

Jesse Sikes (Northwood)

Marshall Goller (Northwood)

JJ Bacheler (Northwood)

Christian Smith Pumalpa (Northwood)

Jesse Eskelund (Chatham Central)

Girls’ Swimming

Swimmer of the Year: Sydney Burleigh (Seaforth)

Coach of the Year: Amanda Peeler (Seaforth)

First Team

Marisol Lawler (Seaforth)

Eva Wahieb (Seaforth)

Piper Bailey (Seaforth)

Charlie Ann George (Seaforth)

Alexandra Smith (Seaforth)

Charley Howard (Seaforth)

Jade Brown (Seaforth)

Sydney Burleigh (Seaforth)

Sydney Haire (Seaforth)

Maya Sipper (Northwood)

Chiara Battista (Northwood)

Abigail Emrich (Northwood)

Holly Thesing (Northwood)

Rokia Sissoko (Northwood)

Second Team

Chloe Dickerson (Jordan-Matthews)

Clara Rojas (Jordan-Matthews)

Sarah Dekaney (Jordan-Matthews)

Samantha Wieber (Jordan-Matthews)

Boys’ Indoor Track

Male Field Events Athlete of the Year: Broden Jones (Seaforth)

Male Coach of the Year: Shannon Ennis (Seaforth)

Brention Lowery (Seaforth)

Joseph Palmer (Seaforth)

Gabriel Lowery (Seaforth)

Will Lippers (Seaforth)

Asher Aldridge (Seaforth)

Aiden Danna (Seaforth)

Matthew Washington (Seaforth)

Warren Washington (Seaforth)

Broden Jones (Seaforth)

William Cuicchi (Seaforth)

Jack Anstrom (Seaforth)

Wyatt Parker (Seaforth)

Josh Phillips (Seaforth)

Johnson Brekke

Kaleb Herring (Seaforth)

Gavin Popp (Seaforth)

Christian Torres (Jordan-Matthews)

Alex Morgan (Jordan-Matthews)

Aiden Hernandez (Jordan-Matthews)

Aiden Leysath (Jordan-Matthews)

Mario Figaroa (Jordan-Matthews)

Jesse Sikes (Northwood)

Jordan Wiley (Northwood)

Girls’ Indoor Track

Female Runner of the Year: Cassidy Deshazo (Jordan-Matthews)

Sasha Helmer (Seaforth)

Emily Jump (Seaforth)

Reagan Collier (Seaforth)

Alex Boutin (Seaforth)

Abigail Johnson (Seaforth)

Natalie Jerkovich (Seaforth)

Elizabeth Platt (Seaforth)

Caidence Bazemore (Seaforth)

Juliana Andros (Seaforth)

Brenne Sovereign (Seaforth)

Lily McFall (Seaforth)

Juana Jimenez (Seaforth)

Cassidy Deshazo (Jordan-Matthews)

Hannah Dixon (Jordan-Matthews)

Saniya White (Jordan-Matthews)

Rachel Woods (Jordan-Matthews)

Sophia Korpela (Jordan-Matthews)

Athena Dispennette (Jordan-Matthews)

Juanita Perez (Jordan-Matthews)

Central Tar Heel 1A

Boys’ Basketball

Player of the Year: Jonah Ridgill (Chatham Charter)

Eli Hutter Demarco (Woods Charter)

Levi Haygood (Woods Charter)

Aidan Allred (Chatham Charter)

Brennen LaVelle (Chatham Charter)

Jonah Ridgill (Chatham Charter)

Honorable Mention

Grant Richardson (Woods Charter)

Alden Phelps (Woods Charter)

Hunter Murphy (Chatham Charter)

Kymani Wagner-Jatta (Chatham Charter)

Girls’ Basketball

Player of the Year: Meah Brooks (Chatham Charter)

Wesley Oliver (Woods Charter)

Leyla Noronha (Woods Charter)

Meah Brooks (Chatham Charter)

Hannah Headen (Chatham Charter)

Delana Loflin (Chatham Charter)

Honorable Mention

Caroline Mitchell (Woods Charter)