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A couple of Sundays ago, a friend of mine came over to my new place and we decided to explore my new neighborhood (downtown in the best little city on the planet). We stopped in at a … more
Years ago, I was in Costco, and met the then chief of police in my town. We started talking and I learned that both he and his wife are Puerto Rican. I may have mentioned one or twelve hundred … more
Last week, I had an awful day. Cruelty is the worst, but when it comes from someone you didn’t think was capable of it, it breaks you a bit and shakes the earth upon which you stand. By the time … more
In the last year, I’ve made a wonderful discovery. I have many more friends than I thought, and they’re the kind of friends I call the “2 a.m. friends.” They are the people who you can … more
I’d had a couple glasses of wine. The Kid had a beer and two cans of hard cider. I’m a laughably cheap drunk, so I was tipsy. The drinking had been over a few hours, so I assumed The Kid … more
In days of yore, Gentle Reader, I would literally spend two or even three days on an elaborate, labor-intensive dinner. Then I got a job selling cars. So, these days elaborate and … more
This is the only recipe that I offer every year, because these cookies are spectacularly, astonishingly delicious. But their very humble looks are infinitely deceiving. Finished, they look less … more
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I love brownie mix. I also generally fear and loath most other types of pre-fab, chemically enhanced food from a box. But I must confess to you a dirty … more
I have been visiting my new favorite grocery store every Wednesday and aside from always ordering some pizza we’ll have for dinner later, I have two “TO DO” lists. One: I have a grocery list … more
In classic French cuisine, there’s a concept called the Five Mother Sauces. They are the five sauces from which all other sauces come. They are (From Food52): Velouté: Roux + White Stock … more
This week I’m mixing things up a bit, Gentle Reader. Instead of talking about dish, giving you a pic and recipe, I’m going sideways. I’d like to share with you some edible discoveries and … more
“It’s really, really good. And, I’m not even kidding, Debbie.” Damien, one of the sales managers at the dealership will probably end up a millionaire, if I don’t kill him … more
I think some of the funniest people on the planet are the Brits. The Kid would start and finish any list of hilarious U.K. people with Monty Python. But I find just about every aspect of Brits … more
“Now we season it. Where’s the salt and pepper?” A blank look and a couple of very slow blinks. “I don’t have any.” If the child had come to the door dressed in an Easter Bunny … more
Eating out can be tons of fun. But there are also a bunch of drawbacks, as well. Waiting. Not only do you have to wait for a table, you have to wait for a server to take your order. Then the … more
“It tastes like mofongo.” — TV chef Guy Fieri on tasting mofongo for the first time. The line was funny, but also true. Nothing really tastes like that Caribbean dish made of fried … more
You’d think that as much as I love all things spud, I would be a regular gnocchi eater. And if you did, you’d be wrong, Gentle Reader. Until last week, I’ve never in my life had … more
“Yeah, but I didn’t know the cookies would be so good!” — my boss, when I offered him his seventh cookie. He said, “Keep them away from me!” “But when I said I was thinking of … more
You know those tall, blinding, hats that chefs wear? Not the mushroom-shaped ones, but the tall straight ones with pleats? They have stories about that hat (called a “toque blanche”) in the … more
When I took the job at the car dealership, there was one thing I didn’t think of, and one thing I didn’t know. In February, when I accepted this new position, I was thinking about dressing in … more
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