Revisiting the past can be a plus

BY DON BEANE, News + Record Staff
Posted 4/17/20

During these uncertain COVID-19 times, it’s easy to catch yourself wallowing in all the negatives of the current situation.

So I thought its a good time to write on a positive, and there are …

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Revisiting the past can be a plus

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During these uncertain COVID-19 times, it’s easy to catch yourself wallowing in all the negatives of the current situation.

So I thought its a good time to write on a positive, and there are plenty of positives, regardless of what you hear — whether it be the heroic efforts of our medical personal, the pulling together of our friends, neighbors, co-workers, seeing more people out for walks, or even the time spent at home watching movies or now eating more meals together at the dinner table.

I’ve noted before in my columns my propensity and love for watching old sporting events. Well, this quarantine period has certainly amped up my game, so to speak, in that aspect.

One night recently, there were three Muhammad Ali fights on in succession against George Foreman (1974), Joe Frazier (1975) and Leon Spinks (1978). I made a post about it on Facebook and the next thing I knew people were responding, asking what channel, and others responded that they were watching. It turned into quite the discussion of the events of four decades ago.

And there have been more, like watching the 1983 N.C. State versus Houston National Title basketball game last week, 37 years from the day last week; the New York Yankees and L.A. Dodgers in 1977 when Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, clubbed the famed three homeruns in the World Series; the 1985 NBA World Championship between the Boston Celtics and the L.A. Lakers — it’s been a plethora of historical sporting events from the past in my household.

The great thing is that I’m not alone, as countless friends have done the same, many telling me that they are doing so with their kids.

There is no better way of teaching the past, in my opinion, than sitting down and actually watching some historic event — whether it’s sports or not — and then discussing what you saw, and what you took from it,

With ESPN running programs, and other sources such as YouTube, the availability is almost endless in the sporting world.

A couple of us guys have picked a couple games a week to watch, almost like we were kids, and it is live. NFL, College Football, World Series — we’ve touched on all of those, usually letting each pick a game for that week. And for fun we will throw in a Wide World of Sports episode, an Evel Knievel event, or a good old demolition derby as sort of a dessert for good measure.

There are ways to make positives out of a negative situation, and Americans are resilient and creative to say the least. It’s just part of our DNA and make-up.

Join in. Use this time to revisit past sporting events and find your niche. You won’t regret it.


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