Marcus Globuschutz, candidate for Chatham County Sheriff


Name: Marcus Globuschutz

Age: 49

Lives in Siler City

How long have you lived in Chatham County? 20 years. I was born and raised in Alamance County and graduated from Graham High School

Occupation: North Carolina Department of Public Safety- Probation/Parole Officer II-FLO

Campaign website/social media:

Work experience:

1994-1996 Gibsonville Police Department- Patrolman/ established the Police Explorer Program

1996-2001 Graham Police Department- K-9 Officer/ Corporal, COPS unit, Bike Patrol,  Established Police Explorer Program.

2001-2003 Alamance Co. Sheriff’s Office -Reserve Deputy/K-9 officer

2001-2008 Triad Lawn Inc.- Manager/ landscaping, stone masonry, hardscapes, mowing and general lawn maintenance.

2008-Current- North Carolina Department of Safety- Probation/Parole Officer II- Field Liaison Officer, Security Risk Group Intelligence Officer, General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor (O.C.), Security Risk Group Instructor, Project Safe Neighborhood-Randolph Co. Liaison.

Several letters of accommodations for service and performance.

Thousands of hours of training in order to create a well-balanced officer for the community.

Family (names & ages, as of Election Day, of immediate family members): Wife-Amanda 44, Daughter-Madison 22. Sons-Jaxon 18, Alex 16 and Jayce 8

Party affiliation: Republican

Current and previous elected offices held or sought & terms you served: Never ran for public office. North Carolina Probation / Parole Association Division III Chair 2014,2015,2019,2020 and 2021 North Carolina Probation/Parole Association State Board President 2016, 2017

Campaign manager: Sue Merritt

Campaign treasurer: Adam Hicks

Why are you seeking this office? As a concerned parent, I could see how the drug epidemic was destroying our community. Being in Law Enforcement since 1994, I could recognize where the current Sheriff was not serving the community as he should and how he has let the citizens down. I have been a public servant most of my adult life either by serving in Law Enforcement or coaching (recreation sports and two different high schools.)

What makes you the best candidate on the ballot? I am a husband, father, coach, and a Christian. I am not a politician. I will focus on the needs of the community, and make decisions based on what’s best for the citizens of Chatham County, not what’s best for me. I truly care about people. I want Chatham County to be the jewel of North Carolina, and the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office to be considered an elite agency. I will create a department that will attract & retain highly trained staff members. The staff will be second to none for training and progressive outlook for the community.

Give us a job description you’d write for yourself if you’re elected to this seat: I will be a leader, not just for the Sheriff’s Office, but also for the community. As a working Sheriff, I will see that my staff will be trained in the best practices for working with the public, those with mental health issues, and establishing policies that are evidence based. I will remember that the individuals in the jail are human beings too, and many of them need help with mental health or substance abuse issues.

What three specific, measurable and attainable goals would you pursue if elected? 

Create a drug taskforce in order to reduce the amount of drugs flowing in the streets of Chatham County. Too many of our children are dying from the large number of overdoses. If I can save one child from dying, it will be worth it.

Create a positive environment within the department that will attract highly trained staff to fill the vacancies, and maintain current staff.

Create a Jail Diversion program with local resources and partners assisting those with mental health / substance abuse issues. These are co-occurring conditions that require concurrent treatment.

What are the biggest challenges in Chatham and/or N.C. right now — and how would you address them?

The ongoing opioid epidemic is out of control. I will create a multi-agency drug taskforce to tackle the drug issues head on. This task force will be created with the cooperation of local, state and federal partners. I want to be the first to acknowledge that we cannot arrest our way out of this crisis with those who are addicted. I want to create a jail diversion program to provide an opportunity for a long-term solution to the ones that have mental health / substance abuse issues.

Chatham County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state. What do you see as the major challenges/opportunities coming from this growth and how would you address them?

It will create jobs and opportunities for our citizens that we didn’t have currently, this will allow citizens to seek great paying jobs locally. The biggest challenges with the population growth in the next 10 years will be the criminal element this will potentially bring with it, requiring more deputies to address crime and civil process. This will increase the need for a larger budget to provide for new positions and equipment purchases. I will respect these funds, and will not irresponsibly spend your tax money on non-essential items like a new vehicle for me every year.

What’s your overall view of the role of the elected body you’re seeking to join? Is it fulfilling its mission now? If not, what needs to change?

There are needed changes within the Sheriff’s Office to create an elite agency. I will change the reputation of the Sheriff’s Office and we will no longer be a training destination for new officers in order to get the needed experience needed to move to another agency. There will be a proper balance of community service and enforcement. The large number of vacancies has created a vacuum increasing violent and property crimes as well as overworked employees. There is minimal enforcement of drug laws creating an increase in overdoses. The Health Department reported the number of overdoses has increased 1200% since 2016.

Do you believe the 2020 Presidential election produced fair and legitimate results? (Please respond with a “yes” or “no” answer, then, if desired, you have 100 words to support your response.).

“Yes”. I can only form an opinion based on my experience. I have not observed or heard of any issues here in Chatham County or North Carolina.

As Sheriff, what is your plan to address vacant positions within the department and retain existing staff?

Once I’m elected, I must address the current lack of trust with the position of Sheriff and tear down the toxic atmosphere within the department. Just as I, most new deputies are looking for a warm inviting place to work and a command staff that will back/support the deputies. No experienced officer would be willing to come to a department that has a reputation of not investing into the staff, micromanaging, poor leadership, very little training, and high rate of turnover. Historically, departments that have these traits have a hard time getting applicants, keeping good quality staff and ultimately it costs the taxpayers and the community in the long run. This never gets better until that administration is removed and replaced with new leadership. Training and great equipment is required to attract knowledgeable, motivated, and experienced staff. As a leader, I must commit to the relationship with the staff just as much as the amount that is invested into the community. Pay must be very competitive to attract and retain the staff we are searching for. By doing all of these things, CCSO will stop being a training ground for other agencies and will attract high quality deputies for long term employment.

Address the county’s crime rate — particularly drug-related crimes — and strategies you will employ, as sheriff, to curtail crime and the county’s illicit drug trade.

The majority of our crime is resulting from substance abuse and the lack of pro-active enforcement in the communities. I will establish a multi-agency drug taskforce to address the drug crisis and reduce the flow of drugs. By doing so, it will reduce the crime rate and the number of overdoses in our county. The NC SBI uniform crime reporting data shows violent crime has increased 50.6% from 2016 to 2021. In the same time frame, the Chatham County Health Department reported that the amount of overdose deaths have increased 1,200% and is on track to double to 2400% plus in 2022. Overdoses are ranked as the #1 killer in the age group of 18 to 45 years old. Furthermore, from 2016 to 2021, more individuals died in the age group of 25-34, followed by 35-44. The vast majority of those who died were Caucasian, more than 4-1 ratio over African-Americans. I will create a drug taskforce with local, state and federal partnerships to curtail the illicit drug use and sales. This taskforce will seek out the perpetrators selling controlled substances in Chatham County. I also want to point out that we cannot arrest our way out of this epidemic. That’s why I’m seeking community partners to open a recovery house. My goal is to open both and men’s and women’s 10 bed house to be another resource for recovery. We must provide a long-term solution instead of jail or prison.

You've criticized Sheriff Roberson for his use of department staff, claiming the Sheriff is more focused on public relations (and things like staff appearances at public events) rather than focusing on actual problems the office should address. Please address this issue…

It’s well known that the Sheriff’s Office is at a critical point as it comes to staff and the vacancies. I would much rather see deputies working the roads answering calls versus working at festivals and being used as pawns for Michael’s false Image. As a tax paying citizen, it is incredible to think that there have been times where the response times have been as high as two hours for calls for service. I have said before, there must be a balance between enforcement action and public relations with the department in order to be successful. Too much of one thing and not enough of the another creates real issues with the community. My goal is to have that balance and provide the needed services for the community. A prime example of this is the incident at Northwood High School on 9-20-22. There weren’t enough deputies working, and other SRO’s had to respond from their assigned schools. Also, another outside agency had to respond to assist. None of the Sheriff’s administration responded to the critical incident. They all were out placing campaign signs on the roadways. I am very thankful for the brave deputies that responded, but just as other locations in the country, this could have been so much worse. Citizens are more concerned with being safe and knowing the Sheriff’s Office will be there when help is needed. It’s wrong when the Sheriff’s image is more important than providing safety and security to the taxpayers.

The county’s Animal Resource Center falls under the purview of the Sheriff’s Office. Please talk about the ARC and its role and what strategies you’d employ to make it operationally efficient…

The county’s Animal Resource Center has become a hot topic for many of Chatham County’s residents. At a hefty price tag of 5.5 million dollars, it has not been presented as a resource to the community at all. With the new intake approach, it has placed the taxpayers at risk for the spread of disease and possible injury. The ARC now requires an appointment in order to get assistance, and these times are up to three weeks out. The taxpayers in 2021 spent an exorbitant amount in total operating expenses for the calendar year of $1,104,472. That is a cost per animal served by the ARC of $1,110.02 for 995 animals, and 13 full time staff members. Caswell County was able to do the same service with 4 full time staff members and 2 part time employees for a cost per animal served of $150 for 866 animals. Many other shelters in North Carolina are able to maintain a proper animal shelter with a much smaller amount per animal served. When I’m elected Sheriff, the ARC will have an “open intake” in order to serve the community better and it will finally become a “resource,” The ARC will work with local rescue partners to provide many avenues to adoption for these needy animals. The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office will work on a philosophy of doing “good business” for the community and seeking ways to preserve the hard-earned tax dollars.

What’s the most important resource of the department, and how, in your view, is the best way to utilize it?

The most important resource of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is its wonderful staff members. I will provide an atmosphere where all of the staff members will be able to maximize their potential and serve the community at their very best. As a leader of the department, I must challenge and motivate each employee to exceed their own growth and development. I will promote individuality because no two people think alike, and every person has their own uniqueness. Each staff member is a very important piece of the puzzle that will help develop a world class department. I must provide procedures, regulations and missions along the way, which defines how the staff member will do their job. Many employees will be able to keep up to date on these areas, while others may need more training. Providing more training ensures that every employee is on the same page at all times. Utilizing each employee at their full potential is the best way to ensure that the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office is successful.

What are the most important values that you, as Sheriff, would/do employ as the leader of the Sheriff’s Office?

As a Christian, I employ these values in my everyday life and will demand my staff to perform at the highest of standards of honesty, professionalism, and integrity. I value community partnerships, and the only way to maintain any of these relationships is to be honest. We will treat each other, and the community, with dignity and respect. By keeping upmost professionalism with the community, I, and my department, will recognize diversity as a strength and the importance of investing in the future of our community’s children. As the Sheriff’s Office principal mission of protection of life and property, my staff will strive to maintain at the highest level of public trust. This public trust is maintained only if the integrity of the staff and myself is intact. I currently live by two quotes by John Wooden - “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, your reputation is merely what others think of you,” and “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Fast facts:

Political/government hero: Ronald Reagan

Favorite book: Bible

Book most recently read: “Faith Alone: The Heart of Everything,” by Bo Giertz

Favorite film: “The Christmas Story” and “Dances with Wolves”

Hobbies: kayak fishing with my son.

Community/civic involvement: Working with the youth and coaching at Jordan-Matthews

Favorite thing about Chatham County: The wonderful and diverse citizens

Personal motto or one-line philosophy: “Be yourself” and “My values remain more important than public opinion.”

Strongest childhood ambition: To be a Police Officer to serve my community.

Most significant life goal you’ve accomplished: Being the best father that I could be.