Hubert West’s story an important part of our history


To the Editor:

Regarding the April 21 News + Record article (“CCS’ Hubert West reflects on Legacy as UNC’s first Black head coach”) by Hannah McClellan:

As a journalist myself and a family member of Hubert West (his son is married to my daughter), I feel well-qualified to testify to the quality of this wonderful article. It is a comprehensive and accurate profile of a remarkable man. In a larger sense, Mr. West’s story is also an important part of North Carolina’s and our country’s history. As the first Black scholarship track & field athlete at UNC, and the first Black head coach there as well (in fact, the first Black head coach in the entire Atlantic Coast Conference!), stories such as his are particularly significant.

Hubert West’s accomplishments are matched by his dedication as an educator, and his humility, which are traits also communicated in the article. Praise to Ms. McClellan for capturing both the history and the spirit of the man. Thank you for sharing his story.

Gloria Averbuch
Montclair, New Jersey


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