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Spanakopita Recipe from For the spinach and feta filling: 16 oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained 2 bunches flat-leaf parsley, stems trimmed, finely … more
A school on a military base is almost always an above-average school. When we lived in Puerto Rico, the on-base school was the finest school in the area. It was also one of the few schools in the … more
I have to credit my dad for my love of eggs. Growing up, my mom did almost all of the cooking, but on weekends, dad would sometimes make breakfast. Oatmeal, biscuits, pancakes, and, for some crazy … more
I have to admit, Gentle Reader, that I don’t have the time to cook like I used to. Some days, it’s all I can do is chop some stuff and have a salad, maybe, if I’m lucky have a ripe avocado and … more
My mom makes no secret that she is not an enthusiastic cook. Growing up, she kept us well fed (“well fed” is an extreme understatement; she kept the neighborhood and even strangers on the … more
I really upset The Kid. We were talking, and I revealed where Darbie and I had lunch on Friday. It just happened to be two of my child’s favorite eateries — Chubby’s Tacos and Menchie’s … more
Happy Spring, Gentle Reader. To say I’m conflicted about this time of year is an understatement, like saying “Florida Man” gets up to a little mischief is an understatement. It is my … more
Gentle Reader, you have accompanied me on my ongoing voyage of change and self-transformation; heck, you guys even were part of the first meal I prepared at my new digs for The Kid and me. Well … more
My friend Darby asked me if I wanted to go to a vintage craft fair with her in a place called Fletcher, N.C. I said sure; I love vintage, crafts, and fairs. I assumed it was a tiny town nearby. … more
In California, it’s called “Cost Plus,” which is a lame name if you ask me and doesn’t even begin to hint at the wonders contained within the four walls of those stores. Here in the … more
I’m not a chili fan. Never sat in front of a bowl of red with anticipation. Wendy’s chili moves me not. Keep that mess away from my dog, I’m a sauerkraut girl. The Kid feels pretty much the … more
It was getting ever louder, but in a seemingly orchestrated moment — the kind of moment that happens in movies but never actually in real life — the restaurant went quiet. Out of the silence … more
It happened because The Kid had to miss dinner. My child was coming over for supper because I wanted to share the greatest moo goo gai pan in the history of moo goo gai pan. For the … more
For people who’ve never eaten at my mother’s bounteous table, I have an extremely important piece of advice: when offered seconds, if you want a lot more, say you want a little more. If you … more
A couple of Sundays ago, a friend of mine came over to my new place and we decided to explore my new neighborhood (downtown in the best little city on the planet). We stopped in at a … more
Years ago, I was in Costco, and met the then chief of police in my town. We started talking and I learned that both he and his wife are Puerto Rican. I may have mentioned one or twelve hundred … more
Last week, I had an awful day. Cruelty is the worst, but when it comes from someone you didn’t think was capable of it, it breaks you a bit and shakes the earth upon which you stand. By the time … more
In the last year, I’ve made a wonderful discovery. I have many more friends than I thought, and they’re the kind of friends I call the “2 a.m. friends.” They are the people who you can … more
I’d had a couple glasses of wine. The Kid had a beer and two cans of hard cider. I’m a laughably cheap drunk, so I was tipsy. The drinking had been over a few hours, so I assumed The Kid … more
In days of yore, Gentle Reader, I would literally spend two or even three days on an elaborate, labor-intensive dinner. Then I got a job selling cars. So, these days elaborate and … more
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